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The leading position of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet

Author: Date:2012-04-27 From: Hits:6974

       Extension Benny is not just a static mode of operation 

       Stainless steel sanitary ware industry, the rapid development of the current situation, according to incomplete statistics, stainless steel bathroom cabinet production accounts for about 70% of the world's art display ceramic yield is 65% of the world, building ceramics production accounted for half of the world production. The cheap labor cost and resource advantages to continuously enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and products, and continuously improve China's position in the international sanitary ware market.

        In the static mode of operation, the part of the sanitary ware industry has a weakness, a number of new products and new means of urgent need for some new marketing model with only reflect their own products to maximize the value. Therefore, we can see that industry leaders have recognized the importance of the issue through its own initiative innovation to upgrade the channel construction.

       The process of upgrading and transformation of the business model is often very painful, but fall behind, do not it will die, ceramic enterprises should take the initiative, quick step, the first to occupy a favorable market position in the Ebb Tide survived. Throughout the history of the development of Chinese ceramics industry, the domestic ceramics industry market sprout, probably began in the late 1990s. The development of the peak of the middle period of the late 1990s to the 21st century.

       Along with the changing of the entire ceramics industry developed from the ceramic sales channels. From the history of the development of industry sales channels, the bathroom industry factory direct, wholesale, distributor management, regional management, brand monopoly agency, joined the operation stage of development, regardless of what kind of business model, between manufacturers and channel partners vested interests are contradictory, however, one can do without.

       Traditional factory direct model

       Factory outlet center is a product of the development, production and abundant supply of commodities. With the emergence of a buyer's market, production companies through the business distribution, consignment and supply and marketing system to sell the goods can no longer meet the needs of production, in particular, is a large backlog of inventory goods, you need to find a way out. In this case, some real estate developers in a convenient transportation between cities building simple, independent shops associated style of a certain size, the form of a lease for the production of direct sales of goods. This direct management by the manufacturers and business groups, called the business center.

      Stainless steel bathroom cabinet in the bathroom industry next phase of development will occupy another piece of Highland.

      Manufacturers, it is more sanitary products, production, marketing, culture, and the trend of integration.

      Therefore, the extension Nepalese in order to better serve our customers and has been working hard. We will carefully listen to customer needs and then take related actions in accordance with the requirements of customers; correct and objective understanding of customer needs is the premise that we can provide customers with quality services; in order to avoid misunderstandings and misleading, we will try frankness and integrity; even a small task, we will also be a great enthusiasm to deal with.

      In any case, we firmly believe that choose to cooperate with us, you will find our different: modesty, courtesy, enthusiasm, of course, as well as professional; no matter, in any case, you are critical of.

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