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Maintenance of the product

Author: Date:2012-04-27 From: Hits:6423

       The use of stainless steel has become more widely with the economic development people in everyday life is closely related with the stainless steel, but many people know very little about the performance of stainless steel, stainless steel maintenance know even less. Stainless steel corrosion resistance is good, because the surface layer of the passive film, it exists in the form of a more stable oxide in nature. In order to maintain its gorgeous surface and durability, the stainless steel surface must be regular cleaning and maintenance. 

       A stainless steel cleaning and maintenance

       1、Please use the "Pearl Bailey" spray and maintenance (usually supermarkets are available)
       2、Cleaning stainless steel surfaces must be careful not to scratch the surface of phenomena occurs, avoid using bleach composition and the washing liquid of the abrasive, steel balls, grinding tools, and then when the end to get rid of washing liquid, washing clean water to rinse the surface.
       3、stainless steel surface dust and easy to get rid of dirt matter, soap, weak detergent or warm water wash.
       4、If the stainless steel surface trademarks, film, wash with warm water and weak detergent. Grease, oil, lubricating oil contamination of the stainless steel surface, with a soft cloth paint clean with neutral detergent or ammonia solution after cleaning.
       5、stainless steel surface of bleach and a variety of acid attached, immediately wash with water, then ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution immersion, using a mild detergent or warm water wash.
       6、stainless steel surface has a rainbow pattern, excessive use of detergents or oil caused by washing with warm water and neutral detergent can wash away.
       7、Maintenance, please use a soft cotton cloth or hair cloth to wipe clean, do not use the ball or rough wire brush cleaning, so as not to damage the surface of the product.
       8、for the greasy dirt "Pledge" spray and wipe dry with a dry towel; prohibit the use of high concentrations or corrosive solvent to scrub.
       The metal parts (such as hinges, slides) every six months, dropping to the active portion of the lubricating oil and maintenance.

       As long as we use the correct maintenance, will be able to extend the service life of stainless steel to maintain its clean, bright, gorgeous style.

       B Phoenix stone countertops clean 

      General dirt, wipe with a mild detergent or soapy water and dry with a dry towel.
      More stubborn grease or tea watermark 1200 # water sandpaper polished with a polishing machine for polishing, and then scouring pad to wipe clean.
Burns, scratches, marks the first polished with 400 # or 600 # water sandpaper, polished with a polishing machine to give polishing, and then scouring pad to wipe clean.
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