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The new version on the official website of Rio Nepalese line bulletin

Author: Date:2012-04-27 From: Hits:7334

Dear extension Nepalese official website browse:
You are good!
Through the joint efforts of all my colleagues, the official website of the bathroom extension Nepalese successfully upgrade and facelift and smooth on-line!
The new site compared with the old site, with the following characteristics:

1、 Enhance the style of the entire page and strengthen brand image;
2、Contents plate set is richer, and learn more about the Extension Nepalese bathroom easy to navigate;
3、we will continue to provide all product samples, promotional Atlas, and other related information to facilitate use;
4、Quick Links: We hope that you can quickly find the information you need;

Line early debugging and link on the site there may be some instability; which for any inconvenience to your visit we apologize. Optimization of the site will gradually resolve within a month.

Welcome to your use of the new site with appropriate comments and suggestions so that we can continue to improve.
Thanks again!
Tech. Support:PhoenixSoft