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Bathroom cabinets and ground isolation moisture to be effective

Author: Date:2012-04-27 From: Hits:6401

        The family bathroom equipped with stainless steel bathroom cabinet is very common; stainless steel bathroom cabinet is the highlight of decoration, toilet bathroom. Currently on the market toilet flush volume of 6 liters of water-saving toilet. Flush manner to the point of view, and now the toilet on the market can be divided into two types: Siphon and open dashed style (straight type). Relatively straight type, and Siphon Toilet difference is that while flushing, side siphon effect can dirt quickly discharged. Among them, the siphon into Flushing, vortex, jet, front- Siphon vortex and the jet has a toilet, a water channel, water tanks, water flows in the horizontal plane in order to eliminate the noise generated in the tank water within the pipe when the impact of air and fell into the water, which is currently on the market to implement the "static sound toilet. " 

        Buy toilet There are three very important, first, in order to save costs, not the back of a lot of toilet water bend glazed, while others use the elasticity is small, poor sealing performance of the glands. Toilet lightly plug fouling, also lightly leaking. Therefore, the time of purchase to put his hand into the toilet dirty mouth, touch the inside is smooth. Second look at the toilet of the glaze. Good toilet a smooth surface, careful, there are no flaws, after repeated washing is still smooth as new. Third, look at the after-sales service, ask to installation, warranty service, so as not to be generated by the inconvenience and disputes.

        Bathroom cabinet bathroom furniture, surfaces can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, paint, glass, metal and wood, many consumers still prefer to selection of wood bathroom cabinet. Wooden bathroom cabinet is a relatively stringent requirements on the environment within the bathroom, wet and dry separation requirements and other regions in the shower is separated from it other than the space to keep dry.

       According to the traditional points system, according to the installation of stainless steel bathroom cabinet can be divided into hanging bathroom cabinets and floor bathroom cabinet, before buying, to understand the bathroom cabinet of all metal parts after moisture treatment, so that the moisture resistance will be guaranteed.

       Ensure the use of bathroom cabinet is more durable.
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