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Employment Philosophy


        Our guiding philosophy is to ensure that all TONY employees share our vision, through promoting a culture of high performance, continuous improvement and learning. Focused on each individual’s strengths and talents; our goal is to ensure that all employees are continually motivated to achieve excellence, and are hungry to help ensure that TONY maintains its market leadership position.

        To “lead” is a high standard. Living up to it requires extraordinary efforts from everyone, in addition to a range of key competencies. In the HR department, our activities centre on helping our employees to build up these skills, therefore enabling everyone to perform at their best, whatever their discipline.

       What are these qualities, and why do we consider them to be the building blocks of our future success? Since it is critical to everything that we do, a sense of entrepreneurship comes first and foremost. We depend on our managers’ and employees’ hands-on mentality, their results-driven orientation and their ability to create team spirit, in order to reach our shared goal of sustained, profitable growth. Furthermore, we believe that excellence results from being passionate about what we do. Therefore, we encourage our people to openly show their passion, and pass this on to their colleagues – since teams that perform passionately are delivering their best.

        We are also firm believes in collaboration. We maximize our achievements by working as a team. TONY managers and employees place a great deal of importance in ensuring that their teams operate in a cooperative and open atmosphere. By taking an interest in others’ values and interests, our managers create inspiring and motivational work environments.
Innovation is another key factory in working for TONY. We work on new solutions, instead of dwelling on problems. We encourage our employees to make use of their creativity, to be open to alternative views and to explore new avenues.

       We believe that our success is underpinned by a strong orientation towards our customers. This is underlined by the fact that TONY employees see themselves as “service providers” directing their actions towards satisfying customer needs – both internal and external – and market demands. Through initiative and drive our people are enabled to establish solid, trustful and long-term relations with our customers.

       We know that our customers are only satisfied when they are served in the quickest, simplest and least bureaucratic way. This is way efficiency is also a key quality for all TONY employees. Through clear and effective communication, our people realize the need for improvement at an early stage, and are capable of implementing changes in order to ensure efficiencies now – and in the future.

       We are convinced that TONY’s success depends on our current and future employees. That is why we devote so much attention to identifying and individually supporting the talent and potential of prospective new colleagues. Are you ambitions enough to contribute to our future success? Do you think you have what it takes to join TONY? If so, then we are looking forward to getting to know you.
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