Learning and development

Learning and Development


        At TONY, we believe in the importance of life-long learning and development. As a company with global ambitions, we offer a challenging and rewarding suite of education programs at regional and global levels. These programs aim to develop the key qualities we look for in our people.

        Under the umbrella of TONY, we have an established global training and development framework for leadership and business management skills, as well as continuing professional development.

        The key principle of TONY training program is to align our training and development initiatives with the strategic requirements of a global organization. We take care that our programs are state-of-the-art, and reflect the ever changing demands the business environment places on our people.

        We offer a blended curriculum of classroom-based and virtual learning programs. They combine the theoretical with the practical, and make learning accessible and business-focused. To bring the latest knowledge from academia into the learning experience, we partner with leading specialists around the world. And we involve our most senior managers in our education programs to create learning experiences with lasting practical impact.
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