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Selection Tips


      Understand material of the products is the very first step. Different product categories need different knowledge. As we have several categories of products, hence you can read below articles based on what you need. And you may need to contact one of your sanitary consultants to get his or her advice first as the info listed below not enough; in addition, you can call us or write to us to get more info about the specific info you need.

      Stainless steel is the main component for stainless steel bathroom cabinet. Observe the sheet carefully on the gloss, smoothness and thickness. The entire product image may be destroyed if there’s any problem related to the sheet. TONY applies the best stainless steel sheet in the industry which features outstanding appearance with better gloss, smoothness, thickness, hardness, flexibility, heat resistance and heat preservation compared with ordinary ones; besides, we only apply #304 stainless steel for our products.
Then, understand quality of the product. It was suggested to compare goods from different manufacturers in the market in order to buy favorable products. It was preferred to buy products with famous brand and from trustworthy corporation. TONY products have gained the approval of the ISO9001 quality system, and the first one who apply for the European Union CE authentication .TONY is the No.1 for part of its ranges in the market; this will help you to make the right choice.

      Thirdly, understand the actual condition of bathroom, including space, structure and size for products. Select the style according to the size and structure of bathroom products, which shall be match with other sanitary products. TONY product features were designed according to fashionable and classical trends; there must be one which is perfectly for you.
Finally, know after-sale service. Service is one of major standards for product selection. We firmly believe that the sales just start as the product was sold. Excellent after-sales service will remove all your worries on corporation selection. TONY has set up after-sale service center which is almost the first one in sanitary field in China, and offered professional marketing research for market following up. Additionally, TONY requires distributors to invite qualified technicians for after-sale service. Therefore, TONY is able to settle problems for customer in time.

     Besides, our knowledgeable consultants are ready to help you make the right decisions at any time; you can reach them by:

     - Call us at 86 757 85436433; 

     - Write to E-mail: tonytdg@gmail.com
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