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TONY Mission


         Our mission is to exceed customers’ expectations in the manufacturing, marketing and services of sanitary ware products around the world.
         We create extra value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in sanitary ware products.
         We dedicated to the development of the global market to cater to the human’s requirements with the society development; and transform into modern leaning type organization from the original empirical organization. 
         We meet these goals by building on a corporate culture of innovation, intense commitment to quality, attention to details, high performance teams in all phases of our business and a constant focus on our customers so that we will become our partners’ natural choice.
         Fundamental to accomplishing our mission are these critical factors:
         - People: our people are the most valuable assets we possess;
         - Products: our superior quality products are synonymous with our superior customer service;
        Profits: profits provide the final measure of how efficiently we serve our customers and are essential to reinvestment and future growth;
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