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TONY Culture


- Respect;
- Share;
- Service;
- Safety;
- Sustainability;
- Team Work;
- Integrity;
- Learning Organization;
Culture? That’s the way we do things around here.
Our culture underpins all our decisions, actions and behaviors. The basis and criteria of all our staff daily work .
Our goal is trying our best to supply our customer with excellent products and satisfied services more than they desire.


Respect enjoys high position in our cause; every human being deserves to be treated with respect; and we respect all personals we have associated.
- Our End-Users:
With you support, we have today now ; we will always try our best to provide you excellent products and services ,never not let you down.
- Our Distributors/Agents:
We value you as our eyes, thank you for bring us the lastest market informations .and we will do all the promises we have promised; we are serious when we say “Your Feelings We Care!”
- Our Staff:
We firmly believe that you are the most important and valuable assets of our organization, and we greatly appreciate your contribution and achievements which you have made; and we truly believe that we can get more success together,
- Our Suppliers:
We thank you excellent works you have done, and we sincerely hope we can growth together and make more achievements together in the future;
- Our Managing Staff:
We try every possible means to serve you and we strongly believe that if there is no satisfaction of our employees there will be no satisfaction of our customers.


Our strength comes from all our staff, each with a unique ability to contribute and add value. We have different cultures, traditions, languages, beliefs and styles. What binds us together is our shared humanity, a shared vision for our company, and a shared set of core values and foundational principles.
The philosophy of sharing and involvement is founded on a three pronged principle sharing knowledge, power and wealth.
- Sharing knowledge:
We work hard at communicating with and training our staff to ensure that they can develop both professionally and personally; and lead us to learning organization.
- Sharing power:
We offer staffs responsibility, autonomy and the opportunity through our own efforts to achieve our common vision Sharing wealth:
TONY believes in team work and the fruit of a team’s success. Staff compensation is based both on local level performance and corporate performance. For the moment both our local and overseas staff can become shareholders in the company. This dynamic strategy encourages a sense of collective responsibility and a desire to move forwards. Our policy is to progressively develop this approach.


Our core values and foundational principles provide a frame work that helps to guide our decisions and actions. They influence the way we behave and interact with one another. They guide the way we deal with customers. They set standards for engaging with other stakeholders. They affect the way we are viewed, as individuals and groups, both inside and outside the organization.
We don’t want to harm people. Where justice, fairness, so that everyone feel the safety of home
We are preoccupied with today’s success, but accept our responsibility for future generations.
Team Work
Team work, a high level of professionalism and the desire to achieve results are the values which we share and the cornerstone of our corporate culture.
Our actions are honest, fair and ethical.

Learning Organization

To achieve customer satisfaction we know we must espouse the virtue of honesty, develop a sense of initiative, a high level of commitment, of competence and of quality. We are profoundly convinced that a company’s staff represents a major asset for any company. Consequently TONY involves all its staff in the day to day decisions but also long term development plants at local and corporate level; and we are leading our team from a industrial organization to a learning organization.
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