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Ten High technology


1.special pipes creation of technology
Curvature according to aesthetic principles of water ,soft bending technology, to create very tactile ,visual impact of the shaped tube ,comfort and durability ,elegant appearance

2,stainless steel surface three-dimensional carving
Carved concave advanced system board version and the double combination of the cold foll process technology, solid ink ridge. color thick ,three-dimensional feeling stronger, creating a unique visual feel.

3, Innovative glass mosaic veneer
Glass mosaic in people’s minds are on top of building decoration ,extension bathroom in the bathroom cabinet ,refreshing, show the product display, brightly colored ,appreciate the value and relevance

4, Application of classical antique foot
First innovation , according to new curved cabinet basin, stainless steel design, another kind of curved cabinet shape ,especially used to break a square shape ,dynamic fashion sense

5, Mirror laser engraving technology
High-tech laser cutting of stainless steel plate by a variety of flower. For stainless steel bathroom cabinet reveals classic charm and modern and integrated

6, stainless steel three-dimensional carving
Carved concave advanced version of the system board and cold stamping technology, dual combination of technology ridge solid ink color ,heavy, three-dimensional feeling stronger, creating a unique visual feel .

7, Ming-plated ABS technology corner
Chrome –plated ABS corner in the cabinet door seamless , so you use the process secure

8. Supporting multi-Baskets
Small space endless possibilities, set the drawer space in the glove. Placing a variety of daily necessities to meet you need

9. Aluminum racks
Easily washable , easily install

10.Antibacterial anti-rust technology
Design of the air space of cabinet easy to flow ,to ensure that cabinet dry and clean ,inhabit bacteria growth ,high protect
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